Undiscovered Features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 

Dynamics 365 will be the most recent product from Microsoft’s extensive series of management tools for businesses. The first step in delivering the version that brings ERP, CRM and other business applications on a digital platform. This revolutionary method of delivering business software results from many years of innovation and development by Microsoft, which has been a leading vendor in business software for more than two decades.

Microsoft’s cloud-based offering is a combination of Dynamics CRM with Dynamics AX and Dynamics AX, has completely integrated with features and tools for marketing, sales and operations that will boost the efficiency of your business.

There are a myriad of options in Microsoft Dynamics 365 are available online and on-premises. In addition, as Dynamics 365 continues to improve and evolve and improve, the frequent updates can be challenging in learning about the latest capabilities and figuring out how it will benefit your company. Because it is essential for businesses to become most efficient and efficient, we’ve compiled a list of the most useful capabilities of the software.

Let’s discuss its unexplored capabilities.


When we first discovered it, Dynamics 365 showed up on our list of Office 365 apps. We had expected Dynamics 365 to be some kind of a complicated business application which is nearly unintelligible for an IT professional like me. We discovered this to be the case. Dynamics 365 app took us to an app store that offers among other things, various simple but beneficial applications developed upon top of Office 365 PowerApps.

If you’re not familiar with PowerApps it’s an application development environment that allows users to create custom applications without having to write code. Since Microsoft is a software-based company and we didn’t expect Microsoft to build Office 365 apps in this environment. Yet that’s precisely what it has done with Dynamics 365.

When you open Dynamics 365, you will first see an image. On that screen, it has a direct link for PowerApps and an explanation of how you can utilize PowerApps to develop custom apps.

We can affirm that Dynamics 365 has really worked on this feature. If it is worth your time to use the app to learn more the latest features, you might be pleasantly surprised. This is among the most creative and thrilling features that Microsoft have been working with a lot of determination and produced extremely successful.

Outlook Client

While the connection between the CRM system and Outlook Client has always been solid, Dynamics 365 takes that integration to an entirely new level. You can now work more efficiently and more efficiently, without having to leave your email, monitor your emails, make appointments, and assign goals.

Azure Machine Learning

The core that makes up Dynamics 365 is Microsoft’s tool for artificial and predictive intelligence. Azure Machine Learning can be employed for, among other things, such as recommending cross-selling possibilities and studying tickets and cases. Shortly further features will be added around Machine Learning which will make the experience for users better.

Power BI Integration

With this program, you can embed complete dashboards. Due to power BI’s features in Power BI in Dynamics 365 are further improved and you can now include titles on dashboards, and embed whole dashboards into reports and turn them into interactive. It is also possible to make live-time visualizations. In addition to that. It is also possible to activate these dashboards that are embedded on smartphones and tablets.