Ms Excel: 14 Ways to Win Over Your Supervisor

Ms Excel: 14 Ways to Win Over Your Supervisor

  27 Jan 2024  

Have you ever thought of showing your Excel abilities to your boss in exchange for appreciation? Make them feel special and impress your colleagues by acquiring these 14 Excel strategies. Take a step closer to a raise and become the boss’s favorite employee.

1. Flash Fill

Flash Fill allows you to swiftly complete the data in your worksheets by employing pre-dictive methods. If you’ve constructed your sheet properly, Excel will be able to assist you in filling in cells with data, thereby reducing the valuable time typing in everything manually.

Flash FIll can identify the first and final names and can also detect patterns, such as items, locations, and more. Simply click on the column beside your data set, and then type in what you want it to look like. Once you’re satisfied, click CTRL + E to fill it with flash.

2. Conditional Formatting

Conditional formatting can be a tremendous visual aid in analyzing data sets. It alters a cell’s color according to the data contained in it as well as the criteria you specify. It can be utilized to create heat maps, color codes for common information, and more. Let’s take a look at ways to begin incorporating this feature into your spreadsheets.

Make sure you highlight the cells you wish to work with.

Make sure you are at your home tab of the Ribbon and then click Conditional Formatting..

Choose your logic you’d like to apply in the drop-down menu or create your own rules to alter the way Excel examines each cell.

A new window will open in which you can enter into Excel the appropriate guidelines to sort your data correctly. After that, click the OK button and view the results.

3. Pivot Tables

Pivot Tables are very useful in analyzing and presenting your data. Choose all the cells you would like to work with, and then build an Pivot Table by selecting the Insert tab and selecting the Recommended Pivot Tables.

4. Index and Match

Explore your data in depth making use of Excel’s formulas. After you’ve learned to utilize this feature Index and Match feature, you’ll quickly find crucial data from any table of data.

Be sure the data you are submitting is structured using a grid that has labels for headers as well as rows. Utilize Match to locate the column with the search term, and the second Match will locate the row that contains the answer you want to know. Input these matches into the Index for Excel to retrieve the value that is found where they meet.

INDEX ( array, MATCH ( lookup_value , lookup_array 0, ) MATCH ( lookup_valite, lookup_array, (0 ) )

5. Use Shortcuts

Excel is always given the recognition it deserves for offering numerous features and options for its users. To become a master in Excel you must be aware of keyboard shortcuts. Here are a few of the most frequently used, top Excel shortcuts that you must be aware of to step you up in your Excel game now:

Select one column Click on a cell within the column, and then hit Ctrl + Space keys. keys Ctrl + Space keys.

Select the row Click on a cell within the row, and then hit the Shift + Space keys.

Create an entirely new line in cells by pressing the Alt + Enter while typing to begin the new line.

Input the current time Enter the Ctrl + Shift + Colon ( ; ) keys.

Insert current date: Press Ctrl + Colon ( ; ) keys.

Hide the column By pressing Ctrl + 0 keys. CTRL + key. keys.

Hide an entire row By pressing the Ctrl + 9 keys.

Formulas can be hidden or shown Use the Ctrl + Tilde ( * ) keys.

Waterfall Chart

Use waterfall charts to illustrate the vast array of data sets. It’s perfect for financial data or even statistics. Some of our favorites include displaying net values as well as stocks. It’s straightforward and simple to use. All you need to do is open the Insert menu, then select Waterfall and Stock chart and then click Waterfall. Waterfall.


Take a peek into the future with the help of Excel’s predictive technology. Take into account any error margin in order to determine an idea of the best and most disastrous outcome. Then, adjust your strategy to maximize the chance of successful outcomes.

Just click on click on the tab for data, then click on the tab, select the Forecast tab, after which click the Forecast sheet.

8. AutoFill

Inputting a string of repetitive data becomes tedious quickly. To avoid this, you can use AutoFill. It’s extremely easy and simple to use the function that detects repeated patterns like dates and fills in any missing cells. This is how you can use it.

Choose the cells you wish to make into patterns.

Move your mouse to the lower-right edge within a single cell till it changes into the dark + symbol. This is a sign of that you have activated the AutoFill feature.

Press and hold your mouse. You can then drag your cursor downwards while you hold your click. The predicted data show up as you move your mouse.

Release the mouse once you’re pleased with the results.

9. Remove Grid Lines

If you’d prefer a blank page in Excel it is possible to remove all gridlines from your spreadsheet with one click. Select the View tab of the Ribbon, then uncheck from the gridlines option under the Show section.

10. Password Protection

Your boss will certainly be impressed by your professionalism when you start securing data sheets that contain sensitive data.

Simply click on your file menu, and then select the Protect Workbook box. There, you can select the option to Encrypt using Password and type in the secret word. Only people who have the proper password are able to access your workbook.

11. Apply Borders

Give a beautiful visual appeal for your Excel spreadsheets by putting borders instantly. Select the cells you would like to apply a border to, and then press the Alt + H + B + A keyboard shortcut.

Alternatively, press the combination of ALT or A or ALT + H B + S to add an edge only on the outside cell.

12. Excel Ideas

The smart Ideas tool can improve your workflow by a thousand times more efficient. According to Microsoft stated: Every useful knowledge begins with a query Be confident to ask a question, no matter when you’re talking to an application.

Select Ideas on the Home tab to start. Start with Excel’s ideas for the first time or ask questions to receive specific solutions.

13. Goal Set

In certain scenarios there are situations where you have the answer to what your report will show However, you should understand the process clearly displayed. Instead of trying to solve the whole problem on your own Let Excel take care of the work for you.

Select The tab for Data. Click on the tab, and then choose the Data Tools, What-if Analysis and Goal Find.

14. Delete Blank Cells

When you have a large number of spreadsheets it’s normal that blank cells are not filled in the workbooks. There’s no need to fret about this, and waste hours trying to transfer everything to the correct place to fill those empty spots -Excel will do it all for you. Excel will take care of this for you in just a few just a few seconds.

Choose a column that has blank cells.

Navigate on the Data tab on the ribbon and select the Filter button.

In the drop-down menu, delete the checkmark in front of (Blanks). This will instantly hide every blank cell in the column without damaging the other cells.

Repeat these steps for every other column you wish to eliminate blank cells from.

Final thoughts

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