6 Common Homeopathy Medicines You Should Keep at Home

6 Common Homeopathy Medicines You Should Keep at Home

  20 Jan 2024  

A Homeopathy treatment is a slower type of treatment that has no adverse negative side negative effects. This makes it more secure to self-medicate with small doses of homeopathy rather than the use of an anti-biotic. Homeopathy can be utilized to treat first aid, combat common infections, as well as general remedies for the constitution. There are a few Homeopathy Common Homeopathy remedies you can have at home.

Six Best Homeopathy Medicines To Keep in the First Aid Kit

Here are a few of the most common Homeopathy remedies that you should have at home to treat the many emergencies and health problems:

Nux Vomica

Homeopathy remedies The Homeopathy remedy Nux vomica is utilized to treat digestive disorders such as lack of appetite, depression as well as migraines. The optimal dosage of nux vomica is based on the patient’s age as well as their overall health as well as other ailments. Nux vomica may also be utilized to treat a hangover.


If taken prior to the onset of colds, aconite is able to prevent the virus from spreading further. Aconite is a Homeopathy medicine that can be utilized to treat joint discomfort as well as gout and inflammations and also to speed the healing process of wounds. Aside from the pill type Aconite is also applied as cream.


If you have children at home Arnica is an essential item in the first aid kits. It is the most popular remedy at home for bruises or injuries from accidents and shocks. It is also utilized to manage arthritis and discomfort caused by dental work as well as jet delay. Arnica is also used to stimulate growing hair. Based on the purpose it can be utilized as creams, pills or even oils.


Cantharis is a ointment that must be stored within every kitchen. It’s the best and most efficient anti-inflammatory cream that can be used to treat burning of all kinds. If burns are treated using cantharis, it will leave only minor marks. It is also employed to combat urinary tract infection. Cantharis is generally utilized as cream.

Magnesia Phosphoric

Every woman should be able to use this solution at hand. This Homeopathy remedy can be can be used to treat all types of cramps. This includes menstrual cramps. It is also used to treat fatigue, headaches, nerve pain, insomnia and also to aid in relaxation. Magnesia Phosphoric is generally used in the form herbal pills.

Rhus tox

Rhus tox are a well-known remedy Homeopathy for muscle sprains and bruises. It also helps patients suffering from backaches arthritis, sciatica and other body pains that are associated from flu. cold. Rhus tox is typically present in the form Homeopathy tablets.

It is not recommended to take any self-medication of any kind However, it is important to consult your doctor regarding the dose and frequency of your consumption of these medicines. Do not take as a given that homeopathy is safe and doesn’t cause side effects. It requires a higher dose than what is needed.

Additionally, keep these medicines in a safe place for your first aid kit to treat any urgent or common health problems that are mentioned in the previous paragraphs. Ideally, Homeopathy medicines must be kept in a cool, dry location without any direct exposure to the sun or extreme cold or heat. If you would like to discuss a specific issue with a specialist, you may consult homeopathy specialists and ask a no-cost inquiry.