7 Ways to Keep Your Jeans Up When You’re Not Wearing a Belt 

A belt is undoubtedly the most frequently used accessory in fashion. Women and men of all ages incorporate belts in their attire. Although belts have some aesthetic advantages, they’re primarily designed to stop the wearer’s pants from slipping down. If you’re planning on wearing jeans, however, you may be wondering whether it’s possible to keep your jeans with wearing a belt. Perhaps your belt no longer will fit, or perhaps the belt loops that you have on your jeans are damaged. Whatever the reason you have options to stop your jeans from slipping down, even without a belt.

Get an elastic band on your jeans. 

All jeans are not created equally. Although most jeans are constructed with 100% denim, which includes denim belt loops, some are constructed using a mixture of elastic and denim. There are jeans made from denim and elastic fabric that have an elastic waistband that does not have belt loops. The reason for the elastic waistband is to remove the necessity to wear belts. Thanks to their elastic-like waistband construction, stretch jeans can comfortably fit over your waist.

Cut Off the Bottom of Your Jeans 

Another option to wear belts is to secure the side that your pants are on. It involves putting the denim fabric on the opposite side either on the left or right and then attaching it to clips. It isn’t necessary to use any particular type of clip; any clip that is small and durable is sufficient. After clipping the jeans should not slide down. It’s best to wear a sweater or T-shirt that is long enough to hide the clip. It’s not very stylish to wear a clip that is visible on the back of your pants and therefore make sure that the clip is hidden from view.

Put On Many Layers… And Stuff Them Inside Your Jeans 

Another way to keep your jeans from slipping down without belts is to put on multiple layers and tie them to the belt of your pants. The more layers you can tuck in your waistband tighter your jeans will be. Men, for instance, may wear an undershirt followed by a t-shirt, the final layer is a button-up dress shirt. Once all the layers are tied in the waistband they will fill in the space so that jeans are more snugly.

Layering several layers like this will also provide more protection and warmth from the elements. When it’s cold wearing three or more layers will provide you with a lot of insulation that keeps your body warm and comfortable. Plus, it can stop your jeans from slipping down by adding extra fabric to the waistband.

Put on suspenders. 

Suspenders are a great alternative to a belt. They are also known by the name bracers within the United Kingdom, suspenders are straps that you wear over your shoulders that attach to the back and front part of the pants. They utilize your shoulders to hold your jeans in place and keep them from sliding down. While suspenders may not be as popular like belts are, however, they provide the same benefits.

So, wearing suspenders is the best way to stop your jeans from falling off even if you do not want wearing a belt. Make sure to pick the right pair of suspenders with a color that is in sync with your attire. When you’re in black jeans for instance, be sure to avoid wearing brown suspenders since the two colors aren’t compatible.

Make a Temporary Belt Out of String 

If you’re able to access string, run that through your belt loops on your pants to keep them from slipping. This kind of belt isn’t particularly elegant, but it’s exactly the same. Simply run a length of rope, string or yarn through the loops of your belt then cut off the excess cordage and tie it into the form of a bow or knot in the front.

Reduce the Size of Your Jeans 

In certain circumstances, it is possible to reduce the size of your jeans so they fit better. If you have jeans that are too big even if they’re only two or three sizes too large they are more likely to slide down than fitting jeans that are properly fitted. There are many ways to reduce the size of your jeans. Cleaning them with the hot tub and then drying them in a high heat setting, for instance can cause the fabric to shrink, causing the jeans will shrink.

Many people wear jeans when they take an icy bath or shower to make them shrink. Exposed to hot wateror just heat is a natural way to shrink clothes even jeans made of 100% denim. However, it’s hard to reverse the shrinking process once the jeans have shrunk therefore, only do this when you’re certain that you’d like to reduce the size of your jeans to an appropriate size.

Identify Your Size 

You can avoid the pain of your jeans falling down by fitting them to the correct size. If your jeans are fitted perfectly, they should fit comfortably at your waist, without feeling loose or tight. The issue is that getting the right fit jeans can be a challenge. Different stores employ different dimensions of their pants. You can wear a particular dimension in one pair of jeans, but you will wear a different size in another brand of jeans. How do you locate jeans that are suitable?

The answer is to purchase your pair of jeans through MakeYourOwnJeans. Like our name implies, customers can “make their own jeans” by submitting their personal preferences for customization. When you purchase a pair of jeans, it is possible to specify your body measurements that we will use make sure to incorporate into the design of your jeans. If you provide us with your precise measurement of your body, you will be able to be confident that your pants will fit perfectly.

It’s annoying that your jeans keep falling down, but it does not mean that you must wear your jeans with belts. Belts are always an option, however there are other methods to keep your jeans from slipping down. Utilizing the tips described here, you will be able to tie your jeans around your waist to be free of the pain of your jeans falling down.