5 Advantages of a Digital Shift Transition

5 Advantages of a Digital Shift Transition

  31 Jan 2024  


In the fast-changing environment of the oil and gas downstream industry using digital technologies is becoming more essential. With the industry facing an intense competition from all over the world and the necessity of efficiency, the move to digitalization can be a source of efficiency and creativity. Of all these developments in the field, the switch into digital shift handovers is regarded as an important factor in changing the way operations are conducted. This blog focuses on the top five advantages of implementing the digital shift handover method in a look at how this transition will improve operational efficiency along with sustainability for the downstream industry.

Cost Reduction

One of the biggest benefits of adopting electronic shifts and handovers can be the massive reduction in operating expenses. Studies indicate a reduction in operating costs by up to 20 percent. This reduction can be achieved by efficient processes, fewer errors and enhanced capacity to make decisions facilitated through digital technology. In a field where small gains can result in significant financial gains, the savings resulting from shift handovers using digital technology are not only beneficial, but are essential to ensure the competitiveness.

Reduction in Unplanned Shutdowns

Unplanned shutdowns are a significant problem in the oil and gas industry, frequently leading to major operational and financial back-ups. Digital shift handovers has been proven to decrease the frequency of interruptions by 15 to 25 percent. The reason for this improvement lies in the improved speed and accuracy of the data transmitted when shifts change. In ensuring that crucial information is transferred smoothly and precisely between teams, factories are able to avoid mistakes and delays that frequently result in unexpected delays and downtime.

Increased Efficiency in Refinery Plants

The efficiency of refinery operations is vital to sustainable profitability and long-term sustainability. Digital shift handovers result in an increase in the efficiency of refineries by 8to 12 percent. This improvement is due to the capability that digital tools offer immediate data and analytics that allow for better informed and quick decision-making. In addition the fusion of digital tools allows for a greater understanding of the plant’s operations, resulting in improved processes and improved overall efficiency.

Improved Safety and Health Standards

Health and safety are of paramount importance when it comes to the oil and gas industry. Digital shift handovers dramatically improve the safety and health of workers by providing an efficient and reliable method of communicating critical safety-related information. Through digitizing shift handovers the risk of errors that can lead to dangers to safety is greatly decreased. This method of digitalization ensures that safety protocols are adhered to and any risks that could arise are promptly and clearly communicated to ensure the highest standards for safety, health as well as security and the environment.

Enhanced Workforce Efficiency

The introduction of digital shift handovers is not just a technological advances; it directly impacts the efficiency of employees. By replacing manual and lengthy processes with digitally optimized ones employees can concentrate on the most pressing tasks, rather than doing administrative tasks. This change does not just speed the handover process, but will also ensure that the workforce is utilized more effectively and results in increased efficiency and productivity overall.

Innovapptive’s Mobile Operator Rounds for Digital Shift Transition Automation

Innovapptive’s mobile operator rounds are an important step forward in the digital revolution. The software for shift handover replaces manual, error-prone checklists using an efficient process that is electronic. Utilizing Innovapptive’s mobile operator rounds, workers working in oil and gas chemical, chemical, and other industrial establishments can conduct rigorous inspections and rounds effectively to ensure prompt maintenance and increased security. The shift handover platform that is paper-free has capabilities, including dynamic routing optimization, the use of conditional logics on checklists and automated reports for shift handovers make it an exceptional solution. Furthermore the connectivity to IoT as well as PI systems makes sure that on-field data is complemented by digital information and enables better, more informed decisions based on data.