Six indicators you should switch to hipster bikinis now!

hipster bikinis

There are so many different types of undies available in the market, that it can get really confusing. But if you haven’t already realised, hipster bikini undies are amazing. Hipster bikinis are the ones that sit low on the hips and provide the ideal amount of coverage. If you’ve been sporting boy shorts or thong bikinis for a while, you might think you don’t need to change your look. However, hipster bikinis are highly underappreciated, and here is why you should give hipster bikini undies a chance!

6 indicators you should switch to a hipster bikini

Following are six indicators that you might want to switch to hipster bikini bottoms:

1. You keep pulling up your panties

It could be time to switch to a style with a lower height if you find yourself fiddling with your underwear all day. Underwear for hipster bikinis often rests lower on the hips, which might reduce the need for frequent adjustments.

2. You keep getting a wedgie from your thong

Thongs are frequently advertised as being undetectable beneath clothing, but they can also be very painful. It could be time to switch to a more comfortable type, like hipster bikini underwear if your thong is causing you a wedgie all the time.

3. Panty lines stop you from wearing your favourite jeans

One of the most frequent fashion faux pas is panty lines. Change to hipster bikini underwear if you discover that your favourite jeans are too tight to wear due to obvious panty lines. Low-rise hipster bikini bottoms help to prevent panty lines because of their low-rise shape.

4. Your tummy bulge makes you feel self-conscious

Particularly after having children, many women suffer from feeling self-conscious about their stomachs. Hipster bikini panties might be a better choice if you think that regular pants are emphasising your stomach bulge. Hipster bikinis frequently have sided with a higher cut, which can lessen the appearance of a tummy bulge.

5. Ideal for use during the menstrual cycle

Hipster bikinis might be a better choice if you discover that regular pants don’t offer enough coverage throughout your monthly period. Hipster bikinis frequently have higher front cuts and wider sides, which can aid to offer additional coverage.

6. You want to feel confident

Hipster bikini underwear can be the ideal choice if you want to increase your confidence. The bold designs of hipster bikinis can make you feel flirtatious and playful. Hipster bikinis can give you the confidence you want, whether you’re getting ready for a date or just want to feel good about yourself.

Finding the ideal pair of underwear may be difficult, as any woman would attest. Finding a pair that is both comfortable and fashionable can be challenging because there are so many different styles and materials available. However, in recent years, hipster bikini underwear has grown in popularity:

Why you need to switch to our multicolour bikini

Switch to our multicolour bikini underwear for the following seven reasons:

1. Our multicolour bikini is quite cosy.

Hipster bikinis are constructed from a comfortable, flexible material that feels wonderful next to the skin. Additionally, they won’t give you a wedgie or pierce your skin like some thong bikinis can because they sit low on your hips.

2. Multicolour bikini provide extra coverage

Hipster bikinis are an excellent choice if you’re self-conscious about your thighs or stomach. They provide more coverage than thong bikinis while remaining sexy and colourful. So say goodbye to your boring undies and get our multicolour bikinis now!

3. Hipster bikini remains in position

Have you ever had your butt crack up into a thong bikini? It’s not enjoyable. However, despite how much you move around, Hipster bikinis keep in place due to how low they rest on your hips.

4. A hipster bikini won’t give you a muffin top

Hipster bikinis prevent muffin tops, unlike certain thong bikinis. Hipsters are the way to go, therefore, if you want to avoid the dreaded back fat.

5. Multicolour bikini comes in countless styles

There is bound to be a pair of hipster bikinis that is right for you because they come in countless designs and prints. So why are you still waiting? Replace your outdated thong bikinis with hipster attire right away! You won’t be sorry.

6. Hipster bikinis are adaptable

Hipster bikinis are perfect for travel because they can be used as both swimwear and undergarments. You can feel comfortable wearing them in any scenario because they provide greater covering than thong bikinis.

7. Our multicolour bikini

You may get the ideal pair of hipster bikinis from Bummer in a variety of colours and motifs. You’re certain to uncover the ideal style from the several that are offered. Even couples can wear matching underpants!


Looking to update your wardrobe with a new multicolour or hipster bikini? Don’t worry, we have got you covered! You’re sure to find the ideal look for your upcoming vacation among our unmatched assortment of hipster and multicolour bikini. You’re likely to find the ideal pair for yourself among the great styles available. What are you still holding out